Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Update and Full Disclosure

I'm sorry I haven't updated the blog in the last couple of days, but I've been traveling constantly and the holiday weekend has eaten up my time.

But Friday I will be interviewing Democratic Congressional Nominee Paul Aronsohn about his views on policy, politics, the netroots, and his race for Congress. I want all of you to assist me in preparing for the interview. So if you all could submit questions for me to ask Paul, I would appreciate that. I will make sure that half my questions come from all of you.

Also, in full disclosure, I am not in any way affiliated with the Paul Aronsohn campaign. While I communicate with them in a journalistic manner and remain a committed supporter of Aronsohn, this blog is not the mouthpiece of the Aronsohn campaign and I am writing my own views with no hesitation.

Also, my permanent residence is in the 5th district and I have lived in the 5th district since I was born and I am registered to vote in the 5th. However, I am a college student and I go to school in Washington, DC at Georgetown University. I do not want to be accused of being an outsider from the District. I have volunteered on the Anne Sumers and Anne Wolfe campaigns and I am a committed Northern New Jerseyan.

Please write some sample interview questions in the comments. Thanks guys and I will be back on track tomorrow with blogging. Happy Independence Day, America, 230 and still going!


Jill said...

Since you are a long-time and permanent resident of the 5th District, I know you share my curiosity about why Mr. Aronshon decided to move to the Fifth District just in time to run for Congress....and ask him if he intends to stay and make his home here if he does not win in November.

Sidd Finch said...

Although Jill's comment is obviously snarky, the question is one that Paul should be ready to answer.

I'd also ask Paul to clarify his position on net neutrality, since there was some confusion due to his relationship with Mike McCurry.

Bush has confirmed his plan to get rid of Social Security as we know it. There's no doubt that Garrett will go along with it. Will Paul fight to protect it?

Paul obviously has experience working for a pharma co. How will his experience help/hurt his ability to fix the prescription drug mess? Does he owe anything to his former employer?

Garrett might not even be aware, but we have a budget problem in NJ right now. How would Paul handle it and does he think NJ's current situation is a sign of things to come on the Federal level?

Garrett accepted money from DeLay and his corrupt DC machine. How does Paul intend to run his office to avoid even the appearance of impropriety?

I often have problems getting an answer from Garrett's office for even simple questions. (For example, I wondered why Garrett supported easing ethics rules for Tom DeLay.) What will Paul do to ensure access for all of his constituents?

That's it for now. Keep up the good work!

Adam Hearts Dems said...

jill, you are right to ask that question, it's important and i will ask paul that directly, sidd finch, i liked all your questions and i will definitely touch on all the topics you brought up! thanks guys

Jill said...

I'm still waiting for Mr. Aronsohn's answer to my question, and I suppose you are too. Another "schedule mixup"?