Friday, July 28, 2006

Lest we forget...

Just a quick reminder that, like many of the races across New Jersey and the rest of the country, the race in NJ5 is not just Dem vs. Rep. It's Dem vs. RADICAL Rep. Sure, the NJ5th is a Republican district. However, the republican voters of the district are moderate. Just like their former representative Marge Roukema. (Who, by the way, was demonized by her party for it.) Let's go to the wayback machine, shall we?

CFG made headlines in 2000 when it opposed the reelection of moderate New Jersey Republican Rep. Marge Roukema. Although CFG poured more than $250,000 into the war chest of Roukema’s primary challenger, right-wing assemblyman Scott Garrett, the incumbent prevailed. After the election, Moore crowed, “We didn’t beat Marge Roukema, but we made her life a living hell for two months.” If anything, this narrow defeat only encouraged CFG. Roukema retired in 2002 and Garrett ran again for her seat, again with CFG backing. This time, Garrett was victorious.
Ernie Scott Garrett is no moderate and his loyalty is obviously not to the voters of New Jersey's 5th district. It's our job to make sure that people who press that button simply because it says "R" know that they are voting against their interests.

Help Paul Arohnson. Contribute. Volunteer.

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Adam Hearts Dems said...

sidd, your absolutely right, the voters in the 5th are moderate, liberal on social issues, and conservative on taxes, but sensible on the need for government to do certain things. scott garrett has never gotten a majority of republicans in a contested primary and he has run in three contested primaries. half of the GOopers in this district are moderate Repugs and the vast majority of independents in the district are moderate too, most dems in the district are pretty liberal, and so a strong democrat who is progressive on most issues, but who's willing to spread a message of reform on taxes, spending, and corruption, can do really well here, we have a candidate like that in paul aronsohn, a sensible democrat, as opposed to radical republican scott garrett