Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rarely Do We See Magic

I've spent a lot of time posting about Scott Garrett on this blog and about how extreme he is. While this is all true and I plan to continue to post about his extremism, I want to write about how magical the Paul Aronsohn campaign has become.

Paul Aronsohn's campaign video, "Ya Gotta Believe," is truly an inspiration. Without negative attacks, or partisanship, it exemplifies the youthful, energized, and positive nature of this campaign, not just to throw the bum out, but to elect someone who truly believes that with hard work and perseverance, any of us can make a difference and improve people's lives. That is what public service is all about. And Paul Aronsohn is certainly an embodiment of that ideal.

As I leave Washington for two weeks next weekend, I will be excited to spend time walking with Paul and supporting his campaign. I do believe that this year represents an opportunity, a golden opportunity, to elect a Democrat in our district.

But it will not happen naturally. If we want to elect Paul and retire Garrett, we will need to work overtime for him. Walk with Paul, talk with your friends about him, contribute some money, learn about his campaign, his beliefs, and his experience. Never stop believing. If we all join together, we can make the unbelievable seem achievable.

Consume Paul Aronsohn's campaign website today!

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