Saturday, July 01, 2006

Garrett Runs Away from Bush, Cheney, and DeLay

Extremist Scott Garrett, in his reelection announcement speech, tried to pull a fast one on the 5th district of New Jersey, by claiming faux independence and moderation:
It has always been my objective to be an independent and responsive leader for the Fifth District. While some of my colleagues sometimes get caught up in partisanship and questionable ethics, I keep my eye on the ball; that is, on what is best for the people I represent. It gives me no pause to buck House Leadership or the White House if the direction they want to go is not the right direction for our District.
You can run, Garrett, but you can't hide. According to Congressional Quarterly, Garrett has voted the Republican party line 98% of the time for the three years he's been in Congress and he's voted with Bush 87% of the time. Independent leader? George Bush, Dick Cheney, Tom DeLay, and the rest of the Extremist Radical Republican Congress do not represent the 5th District of New Jersey.

Apparently, neither does Scott Garrett. Let's retire him. Contribute to Paul Aronsohn. Volunteer.

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