Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Garrett Supports Totalitarianism

Ernie, our favorite Extremist Rubber Stamp Radical Republican, stood shoulder to shoulder with Dick Cheney on Friday as Cheney blasted the New York Times and their courageous work to expose the abuses of power in which this Imperial President has engaged. The New York Times has now exposed the illegal domestic wiretapping program and the illegal and warrantless domestic financial tracking program.

Scott Garrett's support for these programs is not only dangerous, reckless, and extreme, but he has relinquished his Constitutional responsibility to check the abuses of the executive branch and provide oversight for executive activites. Further, he has broken his oath that he took upon becoming a Congressman when he vowed to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

When we get jobs, we sign contracts agreeing to uphold the main duties and responsibilities of our employment. Scott Garrett has broken his contract, and it's time to send Ernie home.

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RM Fretz said...

I appreciate your passion and dedication to retiring Garrett. One point on this one, Garrett voted against the bill condemning the newspapers for exercising their Constitutional right and obligation. The facts are straightforward enough to take Garrett down without embellishment. Have fun.

Adam Hearts Dems said...

i understand that garrett voted against the bill, but garrett made it clear that he was voting that way because he supports free speech, not necessarily the particular speech that the nytimes was reporting. garrett supports the president's illegal programs and his continued secrecy about those programs. garrett stood next to cheney in support of this policy. supporting a free press is nice, but what is behind that vote is garrett's support for a totalitarian state

RM Fretz said...

Fair enough. When you blended the issue with the "shoulder to shoulder" comment you weren't giving credit where credit is due. You're either for the free press or against it. Whether you agree with how it's used is irrelevant as long as you stand for it.

As far as rubber-stamping the ceding of our civil rights, that is a problem. The foot soldiers of Al Qaeda may want blood, but in reality the goal of those in charge is to undermine our way of life and destroy the ideals we hold. When we cede our basic freedoms we lose the war.

Adam Hearts Dems said...

i completely agree, i'll give credit to garrett for bucking his party, but i'd like to see him do the same when there's a vote on reigning in the imperial presidency, that's what matters