Saturday, July 01, 2006

Caring About Constituents Is Tough, I Know

Extremist Radical Republican Scott Garrett is so out of touch with the people of the 5th District that he wouldn't even survey the damage left by floods in Warren County last weekend until after he had raised big money with Dick Cheney :
U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett paid a visit Friday to flood-weary Warren County to take a firsthand look at the damage left by the latest of three floods in less than two years. Garrett -- whose congressional district includes Warren County -- said he spoke to Vice President Dick Cheney during his $1,000-per-plate New York City fundraiser earlier in the day.
Apparently, raising campaign cash is more important to Garrett than helping his constituents who are suffering after floods destroyed homes and flooded properties.

This shouldn't surprise. After all, Garrett was one of eleven Congressmen out of 435 who voted against aid to Katrina victims in the Gulf. Why should we expect any other taxpayers in the country to foot the bill for our disaster relief when our Congressmen gave the finger to those in need before. Garrett has given Northern New Jersey a bad name.

But Garrett has been nonchalant about the flooding, saying he "plans to contact President George W. Bush" about the flooding. "Plans to contact" him? Are you kidding me? Governor Corzine declared a state of emergency days ago and contacted the President as well to declare a federal disaster area, and Scott Garrett is just waking up now to the idea that the President should know about the trouble of the District. We need leadership in Washington, not someone who's asleep at the wheel.

But it doesn't stop there. According to the article, Garrett's just gotten his sea legs when it come to representing our district:
Garrett said he learned a lot about the federal aid system during the past two floods and now knows how to get things moving a little quicker.
He's learned a lot? Where was he the last two floods? I'm glad he's learned about the system, maybe he can get FEMA to get off their butts and do something about it! But wait, Extremist Scott Garrett is so stingy that there's a catch for flood victims in Northern New Jersey:
Garrett said the first step in the process is finding out if the damage assessments meet the minimum requirements to trigger FEMA financial assistance.
Do they meet the minimum requirements?! 700 homes were damaged and 1,300 residents were displaced by the floods. If 1,300 people being displaced by floods doesn't qualify for relief, I don't know what does. But I guess that's what you get when you elect someone who has a visceral distaste for any government that helps people who fall through the cracks.

Scott Garrett has failed his District. It's time we gave him an F and had him expelled.

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