Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Questions for Ernie

DEMS PLAYING POLITICS WITH MAJORITY LEADER DeLAY -- (Extensions of Remarks - April 22, 2005)

Mr. GARRETT of New Jersey. Mr. Speaker, Social Security is in major trouble, hundreds of thousands of Americans still I need the opportunity to obtain health insurance, and much more work must I be done to secure our ports and borders. Yet the Democrats must have all those important issues solved because they are wasting all their time playing politics and making unsubstantiated accusations against United States House Majority Leader, TOM DELAY. Like their stance on most important issues, facts seem to matter very little to most Democrats. They have done nothing to help create jobs in this country. Nothing to help lower the cost of health care, nothing to help root out waste, fraud and abuse of the people's money, and to date, have not presented one plan to save Social Security. Yet they make politically motivated, unsubstantiated accusations without any evidence against Majority Leader DELAY and because they know that an investigation would clear his name, they are now putting up road blocks for the Republicans on the Ethics Committee to do their job. My friends on the other side of the aisle, your constituents need more from you than this. Voters sent you here for a purpose; I don't think these childish games are what they had in mind.

Ernie really went to bat for his friend and financial backer, huh? A few questions, though:

  1. Does Garrett know what party is in control of all 3 branches (and has been for some time)?
  2. Does Garrett think an indictment qualifies as a "politically motivated, unsubstantiated" accusation?
  3. Garrett seems to be very concerned about Social Security. Does that mean he opposes President Bush's reckless privatization plan?
  4. Has Garrett accepted money from any other indicted people? If so, has he ever returned those funds?
  5. When Garrett supported the move to allow an indicted person to serve as Majority Leader, was that an effort to remove "road blocks for the Republicans on the Ethics Committee to do their job"? Have they "done their job"?
  6. When Garrett said Democrats have done "nothing to help root out waste, fraud and abuse of the people's money", he meant Republicans, right? Afterall, the Republican-led Congress has failed to adequately investigate how billions upon billions of dollars have gone unaccounted for or misspent in Iraq. Perhaps his oversight was a result of his fondness for DeLay?
I can obviously go on, but I think you catch my drift.

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