Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I paid for these?

As a resident of NJ5, I never hear from E. Scott Garrett. Even when I write to ask him a question. So why the heck am I hearing from him now? (There isn't an election coming up, is there?) And why the heck do we need to pay for it? How much franking money has this "fiscal conservative" spent?

I'm no expert on franking rules, and these were probably drafted to skirt them anyway. Someone needs to step up and do something about this, though. Set aside all of the falsehoods and misleading statements (without citation) in these particular examples. We should not be paying for an additional advantage for incumbents. In my opinion, no incumbent- R, D or I- should be allowed to send taxpayer funded mailings for 9 months before an election. If they do, it should have to credit their opponent an equal amount.

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Adam Hearts Dems said...

sidd, you're right, these were politically motivated. personally, i'm in favor of eliminating all taxpayer-funded mailings from congressional offices that are not direct reposnses to constituent contact.