Saturday, March 03, 2007

An oldie but goodie...

This is from last year's "Hannity Freedom Concert" (Sorry. Writing that made me vomit in my mouth a bit.) :
Scott Garrett gives a hearty thanks to Craig Schelske for all of his support.

So who is Craig Schelske, you ask?

Well, according to "Dancing With the Stars" participant and his (soon to be?) ex-wife, Sara Evans, he's the guy who:

  • Keeps over 100 obscene pictures of himself on his computers

  • Keeps several photographs of himself having sex with other women

  • Solicited various types of sexual activity over the internet through Craigslist

  • Frequently threatened and verbally abused her

  • Watched "pornographic material" in front of one of their young children

  • Would not let a "Dancing with the Stars" costume designer into their home because he is a "sodomite"

  • Said that one of their young children "broke out in hives because he saw the costume designer who is a 'sodomite'"

  • "Refused to let (their) children go to a performance to hear their mother sing The Star Spangled Banner"

I guess it doesn't count if they raise money for you.

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