Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Garrett Against Federal Aid to Education

If Radical Republican Scott Garrett had his way, education would be privatized, available to those who can afford it.

Scott Garrett believes that the federal government has no role in education, that we should eliminate the Department of Education, that we should let states deal with education, and that public schools are not required by the Constitution.

Don't believe me, check it out yourself.

Let's give Scott Garrett an F and take away his tuition in Congress.

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Social Mechanics Analyst said...

It's funny to me that people even consider this idea of privitizing our nation's school system. I wonder if those people are able to make the connection between the current problem of nearly 47 million Americans that are without health insurance and the privitization of the healthcare system. Why stop with our education system? Why not privitize our military system too? There's an idea; let's sell off all of the people's property and control. Super.