Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fight On!

As many of you know, Paul Aronsohn lost on Tuesday, but he came closer to beating Scott Garrett than any of his predecessors. In 2002, Scott Garrett won 61% of the vote, in 2004, 58%, and in 2006, 55%. This is a long-term struggle, and will require at least one more election cycle before we can beat Garrett. The more people learn about his extremist rhetoric, the more they want a change.

Paul wrote an email to supporters claiming he is proud of the passion in the campaign. He wrote that his "inclination is to run again."

We'll keep fighting here at Retire Garrett, and we'll make this blog much better than it was in the past. No more hiding, Mr. Garrett, we'll find you.

I invite all of you to give me and Sidd Finch ideas on how we can build this people-powered movement for change in the 5th district of New Jersey and how we can win in two years.


Anonymous said...

Key is to reach out to Republicans, Independents and moderate Democrats who are sadly unaware of what kind of zealot represents them in Congress. Good job with this blog!

Anonymous said...

Garrett's re-election almost ruined the whole day for me. If I had the money for it, I'd advertise his votes in the Record, not all of them, just really important ones as he made them. Maybe the cumulative effect would do the trick.

Anonymous said...

the Record already publishes the votes weekly

Sidd Finch said...

We're going to have to:

1- Build on Aronsohn's name recognition
2- Raise more money, more often, in more creative ways and
3- Continue to expose Garrett and his extreme record.

Aronsohn may not have announced yet, but we can start right away. If our new congress follows through on their plan, we should have plenty of opportunities to do #3- minimum wage increase, implementing the 9/11 commission recommendations, eliminate oil company tax breaks, etc. We know how Garrett will vote. Will the rest of the 5th?

Adam Hearts Dems said...

your ideas are great, keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

I, for one, keep track of every Garrett vote, and have since his first election. I don't hesitate to write him when his vote goes against "the grain" (so, I write him alot). Perhaps more people in the district should do this.

I look forward to the day sometime in 2007 when another campaign is launched to get rid of this out of touch Bush Lackey.

Maybe when the 110th convenes, I'll actually document his votes, in comparison to the 110th, and the NJ Representation. The NJ comparison alone will show how out of touch this guy is.

I'm sorry about Paul's loss, but it was Garrett's closest election since and should give him something to reflect on. If we start now, maybe in 2008 Garrett will be on the unemployment line.

Kudos to Paul and I look forward to supporting him, should he decide to run again.


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