Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chicken a la Garrett

Bergen Record today: Where's Garrett?

Garrett, a Republican representing the district that stretches from Warren across northern Passaic and Bergen counties, is facing a challenge from Democrat Paul Aronsohn. He and Garrett have diametrically opposing views on key issues, from abortion rights to embryonic stem cell research to offshore oil drilling. Voters in this district would benefit from hearing the two candidates challenge each other's positions.

But Garrett is refusing to appear alongside Aronsohn in any forum where more than a tiny fraction of the district's voters could see or hear them.

Is Garrett afraid of something? Is this Sussex County congressman trying to hide his record and views from voters, specifically from voters in Bergen and Passaic counties, who tend to be more politically moderate?

In a word, yes. He banks on the fact that people won't notice that he's an out of touch wingnut.


IRR Soldier... said...

This race is pathetic.

The fact that the Dems have no traction in NJ-05 despite a national wave of support in places like NY-26, IN-09 and WY-AL leads to one conclusion - the Democratic candidate sucks.

Boy does Arohnson suck. I am livid that McGreevey's communication director would be run in a moderate, suburban district during this important mid-term referendum.

Look at suburban Philadelphia with Sestak and Fitzpatrick. These fighting Dems are kicking ass in districts with GOP incumbents that are less easily identified as right wing nuts. They will prevail. We should here too.

I've never considered running for office, but dear God myself and many i know are 8x the men that Arohnson will ever be. He's an empty-suit weasel that has been "on the make" in politics since college. His whole adult life is a carefully crafted chess game to ensure him the greatest viability with in NJ politics. He's never done a thing to serve his nation or take risks. I wonder what he was promised to take on this quixotic and highly-inept crusade against Scott Garrett.

I hope Arohnson winds up where he belongs after this weak race - obscurity. He hasn't got what it takes and it saddens me that Garrett will be returned to Congress despite the national and local mood.

The issues isn't Garrett's cowardice - it's Arohnson's lack of charisma and transparently calculated life.

Paul Arohnson = man child.

NJ-05 needs a fighting Dem!! Where do I sign up??

IRR Soldier... said...

Oops ... I meant Sestak and Murphy.

Sidd Finch said...

thanks for your service, irr. i don't know if you were there, but general wesley clark spoke passionately on paul's behalf at a vfw hall a while back. (i got a chance to speak with him privately afterward. it was really incredible and continues to be a real motivating factor for my support of the aronsohn campaign.) as you know, there's no bigger supporter of the fighting dems than general clark.

IRR Soldier... said...

General Clark was simply doing his duty. Believe me with an even halfway decent candidate, this race would be just like PA-6,7 and 8. Someone like Chris Murphy or Joe Sestak, Eric Massa, Jack Davis or Tammy Duckworth would be leading Garrett right now. Hell, we may win ID-01 and WY-AL, and we can't even break even in NJ-05? It's all about the candidate.

Paul Aronsohn is a weasel - pure and simple. His biography has nothing compelling and he has no real public service or "life story" that resonates. He is simply an empty suit ... a pathetic man child that should consider suicide for so badly botching the most favorable electoral climate for Dems in NJ-05 since Marge Roukema's first term!!!

I'm in DC as a Presidential Management Fellow and Aronsohn is typical of many here - both Dem and Republican - that I despise: Beltway/Trenton insider, sycophants that have never lived a spontaneous day in their lives.

Wow ... Clark made a stump speech for Aronsohn (one of hundreds). What was he supposed to say? Come on, NJ-05 derserves better.

Where do I sign up for '08? Seriously. I'm ready and willing to take the fight to the enemy - Scott Garrett!

Paul Aronsohn = The LTG Ricaro Sanchez of the 2006 midterms. In over his head.

Sidd Finch said...

ha! love your passion, irr. don't agree with you, obviously, but love your passion.