Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Garrett and Iraq

E. Scott Garrett to the House of Representatives - September 09, 2004:

"Madam Speaker, Iraqis are not lashing out through political activism, they are shooting American soldiers. They are killing the very same people who have come to help them."

So, on September 9, 2004, E. Scott Garrett recognized that IRAQIS were shooting at American Soldiers. Well, here we are TWO YEARS LATER and he still says stay the course? What's the definition of insanity again?

Well, speaking of insanity, maybe we'll find those WMDs that Mr. Garrett still thinks are there:

E. Scott Garrett to the House of Representatives - July 13, 2004:

"So where are the weapons of mass destruction? Where they have always been, in the Iraqi area, within the reach of terrorists, a threat to U.S. troops, the region, and the world community as well."

Seriously, this guy isn't only out of touch with the people of NJ5, he's completely out of touch with reality.

Our President Is Working to Defend and Protect The American People -- (House of Representatives - March 18, 2004)

"Mr. Speaker, I stand here today in support of the President and his decisions, for I know his one overriding responsibility is to protect and defend the American people, and our President is working to do just that."

In support of the President and his decisions? Plural? Who the heck needs you then, Mr. Garrett? How about asking a freaking question or holding a hearing every once in a while?


REB 84 said...

I hope this post helps your cause.

QuestionItNow - Still in Iraq is now one year old. Sadly, we are not in a position to change the title of this blog. It is doubtful we will be able to do so any time soon.

The Iraq war was sold to the American people and the world as part of a greater global 'war on terror.' Strangely, this has turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. While Iraq was not a haven for terrorists before we invaded, it has now become a rallying cry, a recruitment tool, and a training ground for the next generation of fanatical radical terrorists. The latest National Intelligence Estimate has confirmed what many progressive thinkers and questioning Americans have long feared, "...the continued U.S.-led occupation of Iraq is increasing the threat of global terrorism by spurring radical Islam."

Still In Iraq examines America at war in the post 9/11 world. We are living in an era unlike any other in our history. Our leaders have declared a perpetual 'war on terror' by ensuring we will have plenty of enemies to fight in this 'generational struggle'. It looks like we plan to pass this war on to our children, and very possibly their children, in the same way the Bush administration is content with passing this war onto the next president. (more)

This is getting crazy! We need to get some professionals in government. We need to listen to our veterans. We need to defend America and Support Our Troops with competent leadership.

Anonymous said...

Scott Garrett will be elected to Congress once again. The fifth district does not elect democrats. Also, nobody is more of a slimeball than Robert Menendez who is from the corrupt Hudson County. What have the democrats done to help my family, absolutely nothing. Why don't you retire Frank Lautenberg with his 43 percent approval rating.